Dr. Gerhard Huhn:

For decades I coach, mentor, and train people in desired or necessary changes so that they find meaning and fulfillment. My concept of personal development creates clarity of direction and new goals. In teams and organizations I stimulate and structure sustainable and co-environmental innovation processes.

As a reliable sparring partner, I do not work with "quick fix" methods or manipulative "guru" techniques, but rather open up new possibilities of effectiveness step by step on the transformation path of personality development and thus enhance new professional perspectives and opportunities. More quality of life, greater satisfaction, and winning enthusiasm, which radiates to others, are the result.

The interplay of values and talents finds its methodological structure in the 3-Dimensional-Flow- Space I developed. In it, the scientifically researched and practically proven FLOW principle according to Prof. Csikszentmihalyi becomes a natural protection against the dangers of permanent stress as well as against the risks lurking in excessive routine and boredom.

On the basis of these insights, it can then become clear which contribution You can make to other people, organizations or companies in a particularly valuable way. Or what inspiration and joy You can awaken in others, for example in the area of culture or in pedagogical task fulfillment.

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